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Petr a Jirka


The personality that made Chutney not just an idea. The founder of vegan cuisine in Letná and Vinohrady, a persevering soul in many ways. A man who runs towards his ambitions, literally. He also pursues his dreams in the field of sports, he likes to run, during which he comes up with the best ideas for business. Since the very beginning he has been actively involved in the Chutnej. Pizza maker, analyst or financial and food technologist? Why would Petr choose, when he can do everything with flying colours. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) 


Jirka is a guy who decided to change his life. He considers veganism to be the best answer and solution for the planet and his life. He is here for anyone who wants to understand and see the world kind to all creatures. Jirka is the one working on interesting collaborations and introducing new and unique products in Chutnej. He believes vegan lifestyle will be a norm in the near future and it is worth fighting for which makes us very proud.