Ondra and his rýS

It's no big secret that we are proud of our pizza and how it evolved over time. But it is very important to say that the pizza we make today wouldn't be here without our friend Ondra. It was him who helped us develop the perfect recipe you like today so much.


Ondra is a guy who moved back to Czech Republic after 10 years abroad in Canada, Ireland and New Zealand. With his experience and knowledge he started working on vegan cheese called rýS (word cheese spelled backwards in Czech). Before Ondra and his rýS we used various different brands but there was always something wrong and we weren't happy with them. And then we met Ondra who not only helped us develop our recipe but also created rýS especially for pizza which fulfills all of our needs and requirements. Isn't that a dream come true?

During his stay in Canada he had time to play around with recipes. This way he ended up developing vegan cheese. Simply put, he just experimented with different flavours and how they could work together. Experimenting in the kitchen is something Ondra is very well acquainted with as he studied gastronomy.

After he came back to Prague he started a new job and made his vegan cheeses on the side. However, with time the demand rose and it has been his full time job for two years now. Every single cheese from his production you come across is made and packaged by him in Prague district Žižkov.

Most of the rýS cheeses are nut based such as almond ricotta and cashew rýS, but he also makes “rýsmezán” (parmesan style cheese) made out of chickpeas or rice mozzarella we use in Chutnej on our pizza. And if you feel more like eating Czech pub type of cheese you should try oil packed rýS which goes very well with bread and beer.

We definitely recommend you to try any of the rýS style Ondra makes. You can get them either from us online as well as in our restaurants, on Ondra's website, through Rohlík groceries or in local healthy food stores around the whole Czech Republic. You can find the list here. So don't hesitate and buy these vegan cheeses as they taste amazing!