asi AHA jo, exhibition

There is going to be a new exhibition at Letná Chutnej from 15th April! 🎨 This time the work exhibited will be by artist Johana aka Asi AHA Jo (Probably I SEE Yep). Her nickname comes from the “I see” moments of realisations she comes across often (Aha - “Oh/I see” in Czech), These are moments when she thinks about self questions and archetypes which are deeply ingrained in the collective subconsciousness and shape it.


Johana has been painting and drawing since her young age. Her work focuses mainly on combining two contrasts which she uses to show the importance of human and nature relationship and animal freedom. The contrasts used are femininity and masculinity, light and darkness or soul and matter. She works with these to highlight personal as well as social awareness of harmony on the planet Earth, acceptance of reality or the value of life and death.


Her work is unique and sometimes can seem almost dreamy! It very often appears as supernatural or ethereal and there is a reason for it. The figures are distorted on purpose to look mysterious, almost superhuman.


The exhibition at Chutnej Letná will be a collection of acrylic and watercolour paintings uncovering the importance of human relationship with animals which is one of the main interests and themes in Chutnej. There are very gently represented animal rights in the paintings which are not respected quite enough according to the artist and it has a negative effect on ecology as well as the quality of life on our planet.


Some of the exhibited pieces will be for sale and part of the profit will go towards non profit organisations focusing on the theme of the exhibition.


The opening will be on FRIDAY 15TH APRIL in the basement of Letná Chutnej from 7pm accompanied with a music program. So don't hesitate and come join us! And if you cannot make it, you have plenty of time until 15th May to stop by and see it🤗.