TOM JŮNEK: Glimpses of hope

It is getting lively in Chutnej as we are preparing another exhibition!


This time it will be a photography exhibition by Tom Jůnek, conservationist and photographer of the rarest animals.


Tom has been focusing on this topic for many years now and travels all around the world to take photos of the rarest animals which might not be so well known in public. As well as photography he tries to protect animals with his activities and help to protect their natural environment.


Seeing this exhibition you will have the opportunity to look into the eyes of those animals that are unfortunately steadily disappearing. Their natural habitat is getting smaller and it has a very big and negative effect on those beautiful creatures.


The works on display will be for sale and the proceeds will directly support the protection of endangered animals in the African Congo through the Dzamba Ya Lobi project.


So come see the creatures on 19th May 2022 at 6:30 pm in Chutnej Letná and admire their wild beauty.