Chutnej Letná

Restaurants on Letná, that's great plant-based dishes, pizza, burgers or speciality coffee.

Enjoy the time you can be together to the max! We want to move towards events that get the blood flowing to dance, sing and other meaningful moments in the rhythm of awareness. To achieve the best atmosphere, we also offer a buffet option that will delight the eye, the heart and most importantly your taste buds thanks to our culinary team. Our exclusive plant-based menu of smoothies, burgers, pizzas and other delicacies stands out for its great taste and quality! Private and corporate events are held in the space below the restaurant, where we are happy to welcome up to 50 people. Want to make your event special? Rely on a venue that charges with positive energy and a friendly environment. And that is our restaurant on Letná. Translated with (free version)  

"In a word fantastic!!! Absolutely great and very tasty vegan cuisine. We very often order via delivery, but when the coral steak was posted as a special, we stopped by in person. It was absolutely luxurious! Big kudos and admiration to the chefs for the great dishes they can conjure up and the thought they put into them! When I spoke to one of the chefs, he was very nice and you could see how much he enjoys it. And the service people are also nice, helpful and smiling! Very friendly place with great food and a relaxed atmosphere. Of course, four-legged friends are also welcome here. 🙂
A doporučuji i krafiny a ostatní pečivo z pekárny Krafin, které si zde také můžete dát. I to je nebe v puse! 🙂 Kdyby šlo dát 10 hvězdiček, tato restaurace je dostane. :)”

– Denisa, Google review